Hi, I’m Barry. Before joining Omnilytics, I co-founded a brand called Twenty3. I had to work with my team to figure out how to create a supply chain that worked for my brand. After many trials and errors, I can confidently say I’ve found the recipe for success.

I grew Twenty3 from USD2500 in starting capital to USD1 million in annual revenue within a year. It’s possible and I want to help you achieve that.

Buying 101:

5 Rules for An Effective Supply Chain (Zara Case Study)


Securing an effective supply chain is the foundation of every fashion success story.

Yet surprisingly, most brands and retailers make the costly mistake of not grasping it from the very beginning - this leads to a cut of your sales and profitability.

Our guide teaches you how to get it right, each and every time.

Meet Barry, the author. He was the founder of Twenty3, a fashion eCommerce brand that grew from an initial capital of USD2,500 to over USD1 million in annual revenue. Today, he’s the Head of Fashion Analytics at Omnilytics.

Learn the tricks and tips for crafting the perfect supply chain strategy -

it won’t cost you anything.

How do I avoid costly order complications?

How do I meet market demands without overstocking?

How do I overcome communication breakdown among respective parties?

How do I speed up shipping due to logistics problems?

An inefficient supply chain management can limit your brand’s growth

But it doesn’t have to stay that way

In this free guide, you’ll learn the 5 rules for an effective supply chain that will supercharge your business’ growth:

Achieve smoother coordination and efficiency

Reduce operating costs and increase profits

Learn the strategies of industry leads

Meet market demands in real-time

Recap the best practices for supply chain

Dominating the fast fashion world with a unique supply chain

The world’s leading fast fashion behemoth, Zara, is synonymous to an efficient supply chain that works best to cater to their ever-changing market demands. As a retailer that produces 450 million items annually with total sales of over $13 billion, it is safe to say that a strategic supply chain is paramount to their success.

Develop and leverage an effective supply chain that helps you to boost sales.

We’ve included a step-by-step lesson on how to achieve an efficient supply chain to fit your own brand along with a case study of how Zara dominated the fast fashion industry with their own supply chain.


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“Barry's advice has helped me create a strong supply chain for my own brand. The guide was a great kickstarter to increase efficiency within my brand and increase profit."

Learn the tricks and tips for crafting the perfect supply chain strategy -

it won’t cost you anything.

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